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Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:59 pm
A secret FB group is available, please contact me on Facebook to subscribe.

Access to this website is aimed at the owners of Bloom's Intercessor Gimmick (aka B.I.G. or more commonly 'Intercessor') and the enthusiasts that would like to know more about the gimmick.
Said website aims at being the HQ to the international Intercessor Club.

A few RULES must be accepted before gaining access to this site, some of a common sense nature and a few specific ones.

You can buy the Intercessor 2.0 on the Essential Magic Collection website here.

In order to avoid having your account flagged as SPAM, it is suggested that you use your real or stage name to register.

Each gimmick is marked with a serial number, each member will have to provide that number in the form 1ST ED XX XXXX (or NO GIMMICK if you don't have the gimmick yet).

The 'avatar' pictures used in user profiles should - if possible - display your actual faces.